All You Need to Know about MitID from Denmark

The fact that NemID would be phased out and MitID would take its place is no longer news to Danish society. However, there are many questions about this change.

What Exactly is MitID?

Introduced in the summer of 2021 in Denmark, MitID is a modern digital identification solution to be used across the country.

Transitioning from NemID to MitID

Truth be spoken, since the time it was introduced, NemID has been a safe and reliable solution in the digitization roadmap of Denmark. When it was launched, it was one of the very first electronic IDs of Europe. However, living in a world where the technology space is ever changing means there are new challenges and threats. That is the reason a new EID solution is required. MitID has been designed to withstand the digital threats that might emerge in the future.
In contrast to NemID that many actors could directly interact with directly to provide services , MitID would only allow direct interaction from certified MitID brokers.

  • More safety since only a limited number of certified bodies would be granted direct interaction.
  • As fewer actors are qualified to integrate with MitID it will allow for more customization.

All this effectively means that businesses which have been relying on NemID for client onboarding and authentication would need to transfer their services to MitID. And all these private providers will no longer be able to interact directly with the eID system. Rather, they will need to use a certified MitID broker, who is a licensed service acting as an intermediary between service providers and the MitID system.

The transition would need all the service brokers who are using NemID right now, to accommodate MitID in the UI flow, which means the login experience for the users would be different. Also while making the switch, the service broker would need to support both MitID and NemID for a period of at least 6 months.

What Does One Need MitID?

You would need MitID in all the situations where you would typically use NemID.

  • To use online services that typically need authentication through NemID
  • To access banking account online and transfer funds
  • To log into,,